Apply to join the Seattle Makers Market!

What do I need to apply to participate in Seattle Makers Market?

You must fill out the form below and submit an online portfolio. This can be your website, your professional Facebook page or Instagram account, or your Etsy page. It should be representative of the work you plan to sell at the market. We will also accept Imgur, Tumblr, Behance, or any free portfolio hosting site. We won’t accept personal Facebook or Instagram pages.  

How do you determine who is accepted into Seattle Makers Market?

Each SMM event is curated, which means we make sure that we have a variety of vendors at each event… for instance we try not to have too many jewelers at a single event so that you’re not competing against each other, and so our customers have a richer shopping experience. We also consider the quality and originality of items being sold when deciding which vendors will participate.

Is there a fee to participate if I’m accepted into Seattle Makers Market?

There is a fee to participate in each market, prepaid and non-refundable. We'll contact you with payment information after we review your application. The cost varies from venue to venue depending on the space and amenities. Some venues require insurance deposits, some charge for furniture rental or staff. Besides the venue the vendor fee covers marketing costs like advertising in local publications and printing postcards and flyers. 

Vendor fees start at 25$ and go up from there depending on the market.


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Please provide us with a link to your website/Instagram/Facebook/Etsy or other online portfolio. Please DO NOT send your personal Instagram/Facebook page.
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